It’s possible. And if it’s your first book, you might have no other choice. Unless you’re filthy rich, but again, then you should go somewhere else.

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Disclaimer: I am not a publishing expert. On the contrary. Drafting this, on December 8th, 2020, I am still 10 days off releasing my debut book.

Update: I am now a slightly more experienced author, with two books self-published. You will s see these updates throughout the article, where I comment on things I have learned since the day I wrote the original blog post. I have chosen to keep the original text, so you can see the original and updated advice. Too get a glimpse into my journey.

The value I offer lies in my noviceness (if that’s even…

Thank you for taking me on this walk aleXander. Who knew how interesting NY was with the chin to the chest. I have never been there, but it's on top of my bucket list, and I always enjoy your articles ceremonially :) And I learned yet another word today - cornucopia :) In Norwegian it's called overflødighetshorn (horn of abundance) :)

I remember starting to write on Medium, Bill. At the exact same time as you - February 3. 2020 - Before the world went upside down:) Quickly you became someone I looked up to, learned from and got inspired by. Something that never stopped. We both started on the same day, and we both have ramped up our writing. You with your lessons that inspire and motivate, me with my goofy fiction. But somehow I feel very connected to you, and even though I never have met you, and maybe never will, I count you as a friend. Keep them words flowing, Bill!

An open letter Norway-hater Will Ferrel, and General Motors.

Here is the reason behind this rant:

And this:

Get ready, Will, because I'm about to open a big can of anchovies on you. But first, a word from our prime minister:

And from our Game of Thrones superstar Kristofer Hivju, or Tormund Giantsbane:

My 200000000000000 cents

While you have been quacking away “over there” for four years, farting around in your ESC’s (Environmental Shaming Car), Norway has gone from fossil to EV. No, not you, Ev Williams. Electrical Vehicles.

We have carried your part of the Paris agreement on our broad Viking shoulders while you have been building…

How I prepare mentally for big life events

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I will use the release of my debut book as an example in this article, but I use the same “brainwashing” technique in other aspects of life, for instance, when I applied for my current job.

How I prepare for success and failure

I truly believe failure is part of success, and that success is subjective. We all have hopes, dreams, and expectations. Sometimes they’re met, sometimes not, and sometimes we exceed our expectations.

This way of preparing is something I have used most of my life. …

How to get reviews as a self-published author

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This article is a follow-up to How To (Self)Publish Books On a Budget. I am not an experienced author or an expert in getting reviews. This article is written by a two-week-old debutant. And therein lies its value. Seeing it from a debutant's eyes. I will update the post as I learn and figure things out, so if you would like to follow my journey to reviews, I recommend you bookmark this post.

One of the biggest problems I am facing right now is getting reviews for my book.

Starting this process, I didn’t know how important reviews are. I…

No, you got it wrong. It cost me $1000. And counting…

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If someone told me back in August, when I posted the blog-post, that it would cost me $1000 by mid-December, I would have said: “Nah, don’t want that!”

Actually, it’s over $1200 as you read this, I just rounded it down for you.

The Beginning

It all started on a beautiful spring day in 1976. When a chubby and happy boy came to see the light of day. This was in Tønsberg, Norway’s oldest city. Home of the Vikings.

Let’s forward a bit

This January, in the year-we-do-not-mention, I started blogging.

As a paying subscriber (aka reader) for two years on Medium, I had devoured everything…

Have we just discovered the eighth wonder of the world?

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

I was having a well-deserved break from Medium, focusing on my fiction in peace and quiet when the retracting butthole suddenly appeared.

I see the abomination every time I pick up the phone, and I cant not take a break from my break to tell you how intensely annoyed I am by it.

I…who…why…In the name of everything that’s good; how can you sit around a table nodding approvingly at this [substance that comes out of the colon] unless your blind or have a weird elastic circle fetish?

Or, is this some poorly hidden alien sign language, telling us Medium…


Thrifty Words Challenge #7: Hauntings

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I saw you standing there, on the pier, naked. The low sun hiding your details, frost smoke pointing towards the horizon.

I read about you in the news the next day. Your lifeless body floating. Facedown.

Your silhouette still haunting me. I should have stopped, should have cared. I’m sorry.

This story is all about removing the blinders and to dare to care. I am, as always, a little late to the party, but I had to contribute to this great topic from Jonica Bradley

I would also like to recommend these great submissions:

Do you want to read more…

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