How To Prepare - The Oprah or Cricket Way

How I prepare mentally for big life events

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How I prepare for success and failure

I truly believe failure is part of success, and that success is subjective. We all have hopes, dreams, and expectations. Sometimes they’re met, sometimes not, and sometimes we exceed our expectations.

Scenario 1 — The Big Win

For the first hour, I dreamt my book became a monster hit out of the gate. I was the unicorn everyone was talking about. I let my imagination take me on a wild ride. And it was fantastic!

Scenario 2 — Crash and burn

What if I got no sales? What if everyone reading it hated it? I started daydreaming about how I would react if this happened. You might think it was a depressive walk back home, but wait for it…

The results:

The good thing about this technique is that you will always land somewhere in-between. It prepared me for success, and even more important, it prepared me for failure.

Father, writer, aspiring blogger, connoisseur of everyday joy and professional procrastinator.

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