My Three Month Blogging Experience — First Months Results are In

I knew, going in that this month would be the toughest of the three. But I didn’t know it would be this hard.

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The results are in

Before I get into the numbers, I need to talk about what not promoting did to me as a writer/blogger. I have been blogging regularly since February this year, writing blogposts since January. I have gradually learned, build my followers and friends. I have also tuned my system for writing, publishing, and promoting to a place where I felt I was progressing at a steady pace.

The good

I expected my follower growth to halt. I had 447 followers going in, and at the time of writing this post, I have ….drumroll…. 497! (Imagine e a red-bearded, chubby dude dancing the jig, that’s me)

The bad

We all like to read about the bad stuff, don't we?

The ugly

Well, yes. There is some ugliness as well. And most of them are not based on numbers and statistics. But the feeling of being alone in the blogging world.

The conclusion

  1. I know this isn’t a big oh boy Tommy, you just shook my world result, but promoting is king. Medium is a big place, and nobody will hear you if you don’t scream. If you don’t promote your work, nobody will read it. Unless you get lucky.
  2. Curations is important, but not the be-all and end-all. I earned 5,06 $ in may. Most of that, 3,64$ is from old articles, most of them curated. But when I promoted normally in march I made 18$ and then I had fewer curated articles.
  3. Followers continued to grow, but I expect that if I would stop promoting all together it would flatten out. And It will be interesting seeing how many followers I get in June.
  4. Not promoting sucks. It’s nice to see that green dot at the bell beside your face. I like the attention, I admit.

Tune in tomorrow for my promotion plan for June.

Now, It’s time to have some fun. I am so looking forward to the second month of my experiment, and tomorrow I will post an article on my promotion plan for June. I am going to promote myself embarrassed :)

Father, writer, aspiring blogger, connoisseur of everyday joy and professional procrastinator.

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